About NDCQ

NDCQ® is an acronym for Mack's mantra Not Dead Can’t Quit!®

This website community is a gathering of committed individuals who wish to make the very most out of the incredible gift that is their lives.

Not Dead Can’t Quit! is the trademarked expression that helped Mack (often against all odds) to accomplish almost everything in his life. At the heart of it all, is this attitude that means, "as long as you are breathing and have even a single beat of your heart you're alive, you're in the game and you refuse to give on yourself and what you're capable of being!"

There has been such a powerful and positive response to the idea of Not Dead Can’t Quit that Mack wanted to find a way to help other's develop that mindset and thus NDCQ.COM was born!

This community is alive and evolving but it is new. Everyday we seek to develop new weapons and systems to help you create your life’s mission and track its success. We want your feedback! All we ask for is your understanding and patience as we Beta Test this growing network of dedicated like-minded people. It has taken a long time, a lot of hard work and a lot of patience from so many people but we are finally ready to bring  NDCQ.com to you! Thanks you so very much your patience, we promise that it was worth the wait.

Check out the site, join-up, make a profile if you want and then jump in and let's start knocking down some targets together! Becoming a member of Team NDCQ is free and easy. Click on the "Join" link on the top and you'll be a member of Team NDCQ in no time. Once you do you’ll be able to use some of the weapons from the book Unleash The Warrior Within to help you accomplish more of what you want!

Always remember as long as your alive you’re in the game of life!
Not Dead Can’t Quit!