The Big Gut Check

I remember getting ready to begin SEAL Training and I was very nervous. I didn’t want to fail and I keep looking for the thing that was going to give me an edge. I kept thinking it was going to be some kind of gimmick or gear that would help through the hardest parts. I was lucky to have a SEAL living across the hall from me. He was big, strong and absolutely looked the part. I finally worked up the courage to ask him what special thing it was I need in order to succeed. With iron in eyes he simply said, “Guts kid. All you need is guts.”


But what does that mean? I discovered what that meant during every moment of my 10-year U.S. Navy SEAL Team career. It was just a feeling at first, an intensity of being. But its essence has allowed me to overcome every hurdle and create a life that I enjoy and am proud of. Having guts is what allow me to have my own TV shows, to write a book and have my blessed family.


Because I coach professionals, from sports to fortune five hundreds, I had to find a way to articulate that essence to my clients. If you can answer yes to each of these three questions, then you have the Guts you need to take on any target in your life:


Are you willing to make a Choice?


We all make choices but rarely to we choose something that will dramatically improve the quality of their lives. Choosing between one channel and another is not going to be the thing that makes a qualitative difference in your life. We must choose something that will challenge us to be more and do more than we ever may have thought we could possibly do. Be willing to make a daring choice.


Do you have the courage to start?


Only a few of us have the courage to start. This is the point in which we lose almost half. I mean there is always tomorrow right? There is always something else that has to be done right? Wrong. There is no better moment then right now! Pick a small target related to what it is you want to accomplish and go and knock it down right this minute. Accomplishing anything is simply knocking down a series of small targets connected in a way that eventually knocks down the big target. It is a simple idea but it is often not easy to execute it. Why? Because having the courage to start making your life what it is you want comes with a ton of responsibility. It is this simple fact that keep us all from going after what matters most to us because once you start there are no excuses for not accomplishing whatever target it is you’ve chosen to go after. So consider and choose your targets carefully but once you’ve made your choice pursue it with every atom of your being.


Do you have the commitment to finish?


This is the subtle one but it is the one that makes all the difference. Rarely do people have the commitment to finish. Why? Because going after what you really want in life is going to be tough. No matter how carefully you plan it there will always be hard times and every decision will come with a price that must be paid. Seeing anything to the finish line will require you to continuously find ways to problem solve, relationship build and execute the most underrated skill in all of life… patience. The people who do are the ones who have the Guts to get through the hardships along the way in order to reach the victory at the end.


The question is… do you have the Guts to hit your targets?


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