NDCQ – Not Dead Can’t Quit! ®

There’s an axiom that I go to whenever the going get tough. It is, Not Dead Can’t Quit!

It means that as long I am alive, I’m in the game and I refuse to give up on myself and what I am capable of being.

I created and used this phrase while I was a U.S. Navy SEAL for ten years and still use it everyday to help me stay in the game until I accomplish any challenging task I’m engaged in.

As an approach to life, Not Dead Can’t Quit, may seem a little extreme, right? What could possibly be worth dying for? What could you want so badly that you would rather push yourself to the point that actually dying would be better than quitting?

From a very reasonable person’s prospective the answer would seem rather obvious and completely logical…nothing. It is very reasonable to say and understand that really nothing is worth dying for. Right?

When you list what a human being might be capable of accomplishing like writing a book, being a professional athlete, being the highest grossing salesperson in your organization, giving everything you’ve got to being the best parent you could be, does any of it seem like something that you’d be willing to die for?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, it all is! 

Why? Because you are going to die anyway!

It’s only a matter of when. At what point will you decide that life is worth playing full out? Maybe a year before you die? How about a month? Let’s say a week. Please don’t wait for the day…


It all matters.

Every single breath is the key to life. As long as you’re alive, you’re in the game. You are powerful and capable but going after what you want can be very difficult, it is in that challenging moment you want to remember…

Not Dead Can’t Quit! ®



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