Positive Action Trumps Positive Thinking

There is a school of thought that seems to suggest that in order to make your dreams come true all you need to do is think positively about them and that through some magical law of attraction the things that you want will just come to you. Really? Are they joking?


Why do so many people want to buy into the idea that positive thinking is all that you need, because positive thinking doesn’t generate fear? Going after what you want in life is scary, it requires the ability to take on and manage risk but most people don’t even get that far because the fear keeps them from even trying.


Listen, I am all for positive thinking but positive doing does a lot more for making things happen in your life than just thinking about them.


Here is a little exercise to demonstrate my point. When you have a chance go to a quiet room that has a light switch and bring a chair. Now close the door, turn off the light switch and take the chair and put it several feet from the light switch. Sit in the chair. Now with all of your vast power of positive thought, think about the light switch turning on. Take as long as you need… I have done this drill with rooms full of people, sometimes with as many as a couple thousand and not once has the light switch turned on by people thinking positively about it. But, the second I get up off my butt and flick the switch on, instantly there is light.


So the key to making anything positive happen in your life is taking positive actions.



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