What does Bukido® mean?

Bukido® is a word formed from Japanese characters to describe the journey or path one must take to bring out their warrior spirit. The literal meanings are; Bu: war, military, Ki: spirit, energy, Do: the way or path. Bu-Ki-Do is interpreted as “The way of the warrior spirit.”

What is a warrior?

Being a warrior is not about the act of war, but about the ability, courage and commitment to end war. This commitment to end war begins with facing the greatest challenge we as human beings will ever face, the war within ourselves. For warriors recognize that they are the starting point for all war. It is on this battleground that we can make the biggest difference in our world. 

What will you learn from the Bukido® training system?

We will teach you how to think critically, focus your efforts and tackle your biggest fears through the physical metaphor of combat. We believe that if we can teach you how to conquer the extreme mental and physical stress of combat, handling the stress you face in everyday life will be significantly easier. Success in combat is about thinking and acting decisively, cutting through fear, and achieving clarity in rapidly changing circumstances. These are the elements of being a warrior that Bukido® training brings into the arena of life. Bukido® is so much more than a martial art. It is the physical manifestation of a performance philosophy. Our training offers a framework for operating in a world that isn’t easy and stress-free.

The truth is, rarely if ever will we be attacked and most of us will never see combat in the literal sense; but the principles that make for effectiveness in battle are just as relevant in the daily challenges that you face.

Our highly skilled and professional staff is dedicated to teaching our clients these principles of combat. From there, each client is able to apply these principles to everyday life. Through the Bukido® Training System , you will develop the necessary qualities to reaching your goals and becoming unstoppable. Our mission is to inspire our clients to live life fully beyond the limitations of fear.

How did the Bukido® Training System come into existence?

Like many small businesses, Mack began his on a shoestring budget. Operating out of his garage, he began teaching self-protection skills to beginners. Working primarily with women, he realized that if he could teach women to handle an attack from a man who is bigger and stronger, those same skills would work for anyone. Mack experienced an amazing breakthrough when working with Donna, one of his first female clients. While teaching her some of the basic knee strikes and jabs, he recognized that she wasn't "showing up" with the kind of aggressive nature needed in a real life altercation. They were both becoming frustrated. In all of Mack's experience in SEAL Team, he was always taught to train as much like reality as possible.

So, without warning, he whirled and grabbed Donna by the throat. She began flailing but Mack growled, "Do something, anything, to take out my eyes!" Then, without hesitation or indecision, she buried her fingers into his eyes with laser-like precision. Immediately, Mack's hands dropped from her throat. The lesson was obvious: Get everything out of the way of the target. Then, you will clearly see what weapons to use and what movement is required to actually hit the target. 

Who are our clients?

All of our Bukido® clients are successful in their fields of expertise, whether they are athletes, entrepreneurs, lawyers, psychologists, journalists, or stay at home moms. Despite, or maybe because of their own accomplishments, each one of our clients has been intrigued by Mack’s background. Our clients have the tenacity and desire to accomplish amazing goals in their lives. We welcome any motivated individual who wants to live a phenomenal and purpose driven life.

The evolution of Bukido®

Since 1997, the Bukido® Family has continued to grow one person at a time. Mack said in the beginning, “If this training is valuable it will grow. If it is without value it should die”. Every indication is that it is growing exponentially!

How can I learn Bukido®

Mack is currently working on so many different projects that he rarely has the time now to conduct live seminars and training classes. Since 1997, Mack has always wanted to offer the Bukido® Training System in a way that allows as many people as possible to effectively participate in the training. We are currently working on a virtual training program to help you Unleash The Warrior Within. This project is scheduled to launched in late summer of 2012. More details are coming soon for our Team NDCQ members via our NDCQ World FaceBook Page and our @NDCQ Twitter feed! Please join us on these social networks as well so that we can keep you up to date. As Always thank you for your patience and continued support!