NDCQ Stories

One Hard Year

The year is 2012. I was working at a manufacturing plant in Lynchburg, Va. I had been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic just two years before. In January, the 1st to be exact, my wife and I had been expecting for a couple of months and we have a miscarriage of twins. As the year rolls on we recover...Read More >>

The turning point.

Hi, my name is Martin, and I'm a 25 year old guy from Norway. I discovered Richard "Mack" Machowicz in june through 2 videos of Mack talking to the Oakland Raiders posted on the Underground Strength Coach Zach Even-Esh's website. That speech by Mack really hit home and I took...Read More >>

The 2nd chance


My summer
I have tried to join one of the best leadership school in Norway, Befalskolen or if i transelate Sergantschool, where i didn't make it. The recuit lasted for 3 weeks, where the last one was out in the wild. It was...Read More >>

A Young Warrior's Tribute to his Grandmother

Went to an exciting MMA fight card recently, “Battle on the Bay” by Rocktagon MMA, an Ohio-based company’s first fight promotion held in the San Francisco Bay area. It was great. I ended up sitting next to this very pleasant, frail, little elderly grandmother and her two...Read More >>

Dont let the hard times control your life! NDCQ!

Last year i wanted to change my life. I began training without wasting anytime! I couldn't even run a lap around a track without being winded. I did not let it get to me i continued to push myself. When school started up i was a junior. In previous years i made myself to be the one who was going...Read More >>

An amazing Story From A Very Strong Mom Mack Crossed Paths With Recently

Wanna share some HOPEISM today for anyone who like me, has been going through some 'stuff' for quite a while and who thinks it...Read More >>

Making a Connection

A lot of the guys I grew up with and knew during my twenties chose a different path to me. A majority of the lads I spent time with ended up drinking too much, doing drugs, fighting with the police and being locked up in prison. For a while I was in that world too, but luckily life sent me a...Read More >>

Something to be thankful for...

A few months ago I found myself in a bit of a rut. It felt like life had slowed down; like I was wading through mud waist deep and everything was becoming frustrating. Work was beginning to take over my life and all the things that I really enjoy about the job started fading and being replaced...Read More >>

Rebuilding and changing targets

I am a former Marine Helicopter pilot, veteran of the Gulf War and the Bosnia No-Fly Zone-87-94 active. I got out of the Corps and had a nice life going as a pharma rep. I was running marathons, learning martial arts, and most of all, enjoying my family when I came down with MRSA, Endocarditis...Read More >>

Words of Defeat


I’ll never, I won’t, I can’t and I quit are such a powerful statements that immediately alters your destiny when used before we start any situation we face.


Soon I’ll never turns into I won’t....