UNLEASH THE WARRIOR WITHIN – Part 2 By Stef at www.cougarfitnessclub.com/


Not too long ago, I had the honor of speaking with Richard “Mack” Machowicz about his Navy career, his amazing book, website, and his new radio show. Mack is a Navy SEAL who spent 10 years with SEAL Teams One and Two. He also served as a Naval Special Warfare Scout and Sniper, as well as a Naval Special Warfare Combat Fighting Instructor. With his extensive knowledge of martial arts training and several black belts, Mack created a hybrid self-protection system called Bukido. Mack is possibly most well known as a familiar face as the Host and Producer of Discovery Channel’s show, Future Weapons, and Spike TV’s, Deadliest Warrior. And, Mack’s newest venture is his very popular radio show, “The Mack Show“, which airs from 6:00-9:00am daily on AM 700 KSEV The Voice of Texas.



Mack and his wife, Mandy, run an amazing site called “NDCQ.com” which stands for “Not Dead Can’t Quit”. “Not Dead Can’t Quit” is a mantra Mack came up with during his Navy SEAL BUD/S training. Mack calls it a “Verbal Command Request” and uses it to harness the power of the inner voice. He says you have a constant internal dialogue going and it’s important to have some short and succinct commands you can give yourself when the going gets tough. These simple commands are what drive you to keep moving forward toward your goals, persevering through difficult times, and getting things done when you “don’t feel like it”. Creating an Action Mindset is about taking the knowledge you have learned and putting it into action. Part of the Warrior Mindset is mastering self-discipline. People always want the easy way out, but to succeed requires effort and hard work. If it’s something that you really want, you have to be willing to pay the price for it with your diligent hard work and perseverance.

He says don’t overcomplicate it. Keep it short and simple so you can remember it when you need it. Some great examples of Verbal Command Requests are “Move Froward”, “Be Patient”, “Breathe”, “Show Up”. Mack says don’t be afraid to add the word “please” to the request as well. He says when you insert the word “please”, you and everyone else have a better chance of actually listening to what you’re saying. Your inner dialogue determines the direction and the choices you make.