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Sat, 07/11/1970 (All day)

About Me

about me, the author: Samuel Meffire - Public Enemy #1 turned street worker and novelist... Born in the former German Democratic Republic to a German mother and an African father, who died on the day of his birth, Meffire makes his way from being a bricklayer in last days of socialist eastern Germany to being the first elite policeman of African descent in the recently reunified State of Saxony in the former GDR. Discontent with the limitations of his job in the police special task force and with being the governmental advertisement icon he quits and takes the wrong turn to the other side of the law. Running a security company first, he soon employs his knowledge and police education to the get the best of what society has to offer: money.
Robbing people doesn't take too long until things go wrong and Germany's biggest tabloid takes to calling him "Public enemy #1". Meffire finds himself on the run from an international warrant. His goal is South Africa, but Zaire will be the end of his road. Surrounded by civil war, violence and bloodshed he feels relieved when he is finally handed over to the German authorities. The verdict: 10 years, no probation. Solitary confinement makes him take up the pen and deal with his demons. After serving seven years he is released from prison and starts a new, more honorable, career as a street worker in prevention programs for juvenile delinquents and novelist. The result: A dialectic view on what is wrong and what is right and the wakeup call, that we can't go on this way, that mankind has to escape the rat race of more-and-more and faster-and-faster.

translated articel from the german newspaper "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung"

"warrior of the rabbit hole"

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my new text work:

[after hour requiem]

Crisis. Suburbs ablaze. Burnout. And lovesickness to cap it off. It is this feeling inside of us, of a darkening world and this vague desire for a return to better days that newcomer Samuel Meffire turns into a unique, deeply grieving melody of words in AFTER HOUR REQUIEM.

In a restless day and age Meffire’s ultra-compact scripts seem to be just the right and digestible amount for the hurried city dweller and his Kindle-E-Reader, his Nook, Blackberry, iPad or iPhone… in the subway on his way to the office or in the cab to the airport. Meffire is creating melancholy-to-go in its best meaning. Concise. Fully flavored. Gripping. It is literary take-away wholefood in a mixture of documentary and fiction.

[our enemies 01 the secret war]

Germany, in a not too far away future: the system has finally collapsed; the banks have been burned to the ground; the philosophers of hate now are the hunters and no longer the hunted. The population is living in ghettos… either wealthy or violent ones – and TV sells the flowery wallpaper lies they call “news” 24/7... A girl from suburbia is dreaming a very dancerous dream... a dream of hope and finally of escaping the demons of her supernatural talent.
A soldier is seeking, after his fall from grace and imprisonment, wandering through the remains of his former life… forgiveness, halt and peace. A bishop is planning the largest firestorm of all times…

"This is exactly what hell must be looking like, on the far side of Armageddon. Desperate ones, wandering in a landscape of ruins; gloomy skies, nights full of violence and blood. The state is hunting religions of hate, its vigilantes in alliance with Satan and Death himself. And behind the flowery wallpaper of the TV news-broadcasts hides a reality filled with lies and conspiracy, ghastlier than any horror movie. No hope to be found at all, nowhere. Politics has failed, the war against terror and crisis is lost."


writting. to complete my self.