Be Strong and Do




About Me

I love staying in good shape physically and learning to improve myself ---Reading is to the mind what
exercise is to the body ----. I am single . I love people and sharing my knowledge with others. I love the pump
feeling I get when lifting weights ( Arnold S. agrees,lol ). I love singing and writing songs, being creative. I
like to SMILE but when I focus and put on my street face people get scared---kinda like the look of Clint
Eastwood and Steven Seagal and of course Richard " Mack " Machowicz---Thank You Mack for your book -
Unleash The Warrior Within !! And last but not least, I believe in being humble--one of the principles of success.


Security supervisor,Entreprenuer


1st target using the principles in Mack's book : To focus and be successful enough in my own business to quit my regular job !


Air Force 4.5 yrs. ( Special Rapid Deployment ), Entrepreneur, Songwriter , Always staying in shape physically,and more...


Singing, Songwriting, Reading about the mind and whatever educates me, Pumping iron, Exercising, Martial Arts, Action movies, NDCQ ( I just started reading Mack's physical book ---Unleash The Warrior Within--and that's how I found this site after searching. His book is powerful ! Will talk more about it after I finish reading)