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Harley Lujan




Tue, 12/18/1990 (All day)

About Me

NDCQ Changed My Whole Life, I Found NDCQ At A Point In My Life When I Was Chasing Dreams. NOT DEAD CAN'T QUIT Is A Mindset That Once Adopted Your Never Be The Same. My Over All Goal Was To Lose Weight & Im Proud To Say I Have Lost 141LBS & A Year Later My Dream Has Become A Reality. Now My Goal Is To Helping OTHERS FIND THERE NOT DEAD CAN'T QUIT ATTITUDES.

Current City

Laguna New Mexico


Laguna New Mexico


Dream Chaser


Maintain My Weight, Stay Healthy & Fit, Become a Navy Seal, Train/Help Others Realize that DREAMS can come TRUE, With A NDCQ MINDSET


Bull Riding Championship & Losing ALMOST 150lbs Thanks To MAC & A YouTube Video Hearing A MAN CAN ONLY BE BEATEN IN 2 WAYS IF HE DIES, OR HE GIVES UP & THATS THE LEVEL OF COMMITMENT I HAVE!!! How About You???


Yoga, Natural fitness, Trail Running, Conservation Of Mother Nature & Her Resources, Bull Riding, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Camping, Survival Skills & The Outdoors, Motivating Others To Reach There Goals.

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