Christopher Souter




Sun, 04/24/1983 (All day)

About Me

Found Mack's book at Barnes & Noble while looking for seomthing that would motivate me to do more with myself, or solidify what I already had done. Mack's book automatically stood out to me on the shelf of self help books. It seemed so different and not corny. I had already started my journey of becoming something better, and since reading Unleash The Warrior Within I have taken on even more challenges. I am planning on running a marathon, doing the Spartan Race, looking into SEALfit training, and more. I currently teach and just earned even more good grades in college! Thanks Mack!

Current City

Queens, New York


New York


Technology Trainer


  • Spartan Race
  • 5k marathon
  • Even better shape
  • Finish my BA


  1. Became a teacher for the elderly
  2. Went back to college
  3. Found my father
  4. Became a better brother, friend, son
  5. Signed up for FDNY
  6. Lost 50 lbs
  7. Promoted at my job


Reading, lifting weights, running, music, movies, guitar, xbox

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