Rafael Curdy



About Me

I'd like to think I'm a fighter in every aspect. I try to out perform the moments before making every minute count. I may not have a fancy education, or a large bank account. I didnt come from the most ideal of circumstances. I've got heart, hard work & soul. Labor & loyalty cannot be denied. It's what makes me proud when I look at myself in the mirror. I'll never stop trying to achieve victory, even when sometimes the world around combines to tear everything worked for down. Like I have said before, I may have fallen down time after time in life (or pushed the reset button as my best friend calls it) I'm still standing here today to show that I sure know how to get back up. I'm Not Dead & I Can't Quit. And that's how I wanna live my life.


I want to go as far down the road I'm on and keep paving it, improving it, making it greater better for me my friends & our business. I've got no specific number in my head as to what I want to earn. I just want to love what I do. And right now I'm in the right place.

Another goal if mine is to produce and publish my little songs on my own name for my own silly satisfaction & not for money.


I love to play my guitar and write simple little songs I can look back on & enjoy. I love figure drawing, I once wanted to write a comic book. I love surfing, volleyball, and when I get the time video games.

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