Derron Michael Ross

Derron Ross




Thu, 08/16/1973 - 2:00am

About Me

Currently Supervising animation, directing and acting in Motion Capture for multiple projects at Blur Studio in Venice. After 7 years of CG animation for film, television and games I took a break from it to broaden my experience and went on the road with Mack to learn live action TV. Working on the Discovery Channel's Future Weapons has given me that and much more! Being on the show with Mack was like being hit by lightning. I came back so charged up I couldn't wait to jump full on into acting and live action production. The past 3 years back have led to that and so much more that I didn't even know would be possible.

Current City

Los Angeles


Inwood, Long Island, NY


Animation Director\Supervisor - Motion Capture Choreographer\Performer


I will tell you all about the extraordinary targets I am knocking down soon...