Down, but not out

RJ Atlas




Sat, 04/21/1979 - 2:00am

About Me

I recently found screenwriting and plan to make a career of it. Like bodybuilding it is painstakingly challenging... EVERYDAY, but it fits my personality, allowing me to be my own boss and tap into my creativity. Bodybuilding gives me the discipline I need to stay centered and keep things in perspective. 200lbs is ALWAYS 200lbs, it won't EVER steer you wrong or leave hanging. It's a constant and is my anchor.
I'm a cuspy and can't deny that I wrestle with all of these cosmically charming and admirable characteristics on a daily basis.
ARIES - Extremely dynamic & energetic, the fearless Ram is able to get things going in an instant and is willing to try anything.
TAURUS - Very practical & reliable, the Bull places very high value on stability, security, patience, loyalty and determination.

Current City

Los Angeles, CA


Freeland, PA


UNemployed... to be continued


Being an exceptional lover, screenwriter, physique model and AVIDsportsNUT (The "[]_[]", Mets, Giants, Knicks, Islanders) and an even better friend, human being and man striving for success.  


Family & friends, bodybuilding, screenplays, film, TV, photography, scotch whisky, coffee, vinyl, good eats, traveling, sporting venues.

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