Sean Whittal




Fri, 05/24/1968 (All day)

About Me

I am a Christian, husband, father of 3 beautiful girls and a chiropractor. I have always been involved in sports and physical training. In the latter, I have always looked for ways to push myself beyond what I thought I could accomplish. As such, I have found myself fascinated with the "Warrior" lifestyle, specifically that of the Navy SEAL. At first it was solely the aspect of the physical training and mental toughness that intrigued me. However, the more I study this "culture," I realize that there is a spiritual component to becoming and living the life or a warrior that I have been searching for my whole life. Its too late for me to become a SEAL....or should I say, try to become a SEAL. But, I know its never too late to learn, study and train to live a life of honour, discipline, self-mastery, courage.....the life of a warrior. I'm hoping that membership to this orgainization will help me along this journey!

Current City

Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada






In no particular order:
1. Attend the one week academy and kokoro weekend with SealFit.
2. Increase my practice volume and financial abundance.
3. purchase a new home
4. better time management
5. Self-discipline, self-control, patience
6, Study a martial art....Bukido?
7. Spend more time in prayer/meditation and bible study....seeking God.
8. Increase my physical fitness


Convincing my wife to marry me
3 beautiful, extraordinary children
Successful practice


Physical fitness, sports, reading, training.....