E-3 Division Mofo

Rick Law




Wed, 11/30/1960 (All day)

About Me

USN veteran (out in 2/89). Power plant operator in MD, recovering from an 'unfortunate series of events'. Bad bicycle accident, 4-yr long headache, diabetes as a result of inability to exercise and subsequent weight gain. Doctors kept screwing up my medications (kinda like playing chemical roulette with my body) and damn near killed me last year. Finally after 13 years they got it right. I'm fighting back to health, slowly but surely. I'll be back up to speed soon. NDCQ!!!

Current City

California, MD


El Paso, TX


Power Plant Operator


To be in top physical condition.

To re-discover the warrior buried within.

To beat back the doubters and show them I'm not someone to laugh at or mess with.

To successfully receive my NRC RO license.


USN Honorable Discharge (8 years). Completed BS and MS degrees. Working to get a Reactor Operator license.


Fitness, martial arts, coaching football.