About Me

My self development and constant improvement pursuit started in 1995 with Anthony Robbins and I haven't stopped since. I eventually took this to a larger level and became a life coach. I don't have that business anymore, as I switched my focus and career path years ago to help entrepreneurs. My professional background includes investigations, sales/marketing and management, network marketing, and owning another business in the investments/start up industry. I am an animal activist and I champion underpriviliged youths.

Current City

Carlsbad, CA


1.Changing the laws in all US states to have animals be considered equivilant to children in terms of charges and sentencing.
2. Refining the education system to provide more life skill classes vs just your typical education curriculum.
3. Creating a center for underpriviliged youths to have all the advantages that others have (access, resources, contacts, etc) - this is in the beginning stages already