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Justin Lewis




Mon, 09/20/1976 (All day)

About Me

Unleashing leaders through accountability and empowerment has differentiated Justin Lewis from his peers his entire life. Whether on the field, at the station, in the boardroom, or on stage Justin has demonstrated his ability to elevate the collective brilliance of the people he is surrounded with by aligning them through meaning and purpose. This approach has compounded his influence to such a degree that people from very diverse backgrounds have experienced the reverberations of the principles he has taught. Justinʼs candid style coupled with his real life experiences allows him to immediately connect with his audience and challenge them to fully develop into the leaders they are meant to be. As an emergency first responder, Justin knows just how precious each breathe is and has seen how people viscously fight for things that are being taken away from them. After experiencing one of Justinʼs life changing presentations or workshops your audience will understand how sharing their virtues will deliver bold, high impact solutions that will ultimately increase your organizationʼs


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Tucson, AZ






getting my new book out, promoting at my fire department


reading, writing, golf, running, and inspiring other firefighters to become the beautiful people that they are suppose to become!