Grandmaster of Awesomness

C. R.




Wed, 06/26/1974 (All day)

About Me

Veteran of armed conflicts - yes, plural. Was in a position where lots of mission help seemed needed. Now in a position to fulfill those kinds of needs.

Current City

The Greatest Capital City on the Planet


Somewhereville, OH


Hired Help


1. Get ready to be a kickass husband in three months.
2. Make changes at work which spend less money and deliver a better product; change hearts and minds.
3. Conquer my biggest fear - Knowing how I am.
4. Post-graduate academic awesomeness.


1. Lots of fruit salad w/ extra dodads - looks pretty; doesn't tell the whole story.
2. Finding Ms. Right (soon to be Mrs. ).
3. Waking up this morning feeling like I can change and be better.
4. Having more than four targets.
5. Drinking Mack's Koolaid in gulps.


1. Taking care of me - if you can call recent decisions hobbies. 2. Studying my academics. 3. Raising Superdog.