If ya need to lean... lean on me!

Shane Dement



About Me

Very proud father of my 3 year old daughter Madeline, owner of Malibu Tan, tanning salons here in Houston, and a motivated workhorse ready to take NDCQ to the next level while spreading positive, inspirational messages backed with the ability to live it, not just talk it.


To be the greatest father I can be. To help others achieve their goals, be a great friend, family member, and inspiration to many. I will make NDCQ a household name that is responsible for changing lives in a positive way, simply because its the right thing to do and its exactly what this world needs. To continue running and improving my businesses. To get back in elite condition.. --and did i mention being a great father?? of course i did.. ;)


My daughter, MMA, work, working out, mostly eating well ;), family, hanging out with friends, football, and of course the Pearland Oilers-Division 1-5a Champs 2010!! NDCQ!