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Thu, 09/14/1967 (All day)

About Me

19 plus years in the airline (aircraft dispatcher) and aerospace (computer sciences) experience.
Published photographer (photojournalist)
Owner - Commercial Tech Imagery

Explaining my personal avatar, I created the camera inside the horse shoe for a reason. My Uncle Larry was a Farrier (shod horses). That was not only his avocation but his other vocation besides a career as a Master Welder with the Federal Government.He loved and cared for horses. It was hard and sometimes cold work, depending upon the time of the year. But each horse would be shod with care, maintaining the health of the hooves.

I would go with him to help out, calm the horses, move equipment, etc.

I take that same commitment with my photography. Be it capturing the moment for the public as a photojournalist or creating the perfect images for the Commercial Tech Imagery customer.

Current City

Strasburg, CO


Moline, IL




Taking my photography business global, AND meeting people along the way. My photography has allowed me to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. It is allowing to enjoy life much more than i thought I would ever had.

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