Intentions are nothing, ACTION is everything...



About Me

I am Samy, a friend that beleives society and the economy are made up of individual relationships and transactions. By changing the way I conduct my relationships and transactions, I create a new society around me. I also demonstrate that there are other ways to relate with people and participate in the economy than the often destructive and unsustainable ways of the current system.

Current City





1)I will be an Athlete, physically and mentally.

2)I will loose 60 pounds of unwanted and excessive body fat, that is slowing me down in every aspect of my life, it is also a constant trait to my health.

3) I will be at 210 lbs @ 19% by April 14, 2012

4) I will be 189 lbs and @ 12% body fat by December 31 2012

5) I will complete a Triathlon Olympic Distance event by June 14th 2012

6) I will help change the life of at least one other person.