'Its not who we are inside, its what we do that defines us' - Bruce Wayne

Simon Relf




Thu, 12/21/1978 (All day)

About Me

Im a 33 years old and from Sleaford in the UK. I work with teenagers with learning difficulties, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and mental health issues at a city college. I'm trained in performance coaching, confidence building, CBT and sport psychology. I'm married with a son Oscar and my wife is expecting a girl who we have named Emilia May.

Current City



Romford Essex


Learning Support Worker / Performance Coach


To never be too tired after a long day at work to show my wife and kids just how much they mean to me.

To give the youngsters I work with 110% every day I'm with them.

To honor the memory of my Grandfather George Relf by living my life as fully as I can.

To make my new business a success.

To combat my fear of sharks.

Write a novel.


Marrying my true love and becoming a father.

Getting my dream job against all the odds.

Curing myself of asthma and depression with Qi Gong and exercise.

Learning to swim and rock climbing even though I'm scared of heights and water.

Teaching myself website design.

Illustrating a children's book.


In my spare time I enjoy combat sports, weightlifting, rock climbing and Qi Gong; I'm also a fanatical card game enthusiast and play poker, rummy and bridge competitively. More than anything I love the strategic element of card games, and enjoy games like chess and mahjong also. I'm currently in the process of going self employed and want to build up a business organizing card game theme events and card game strategy classes.

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