Kaleem Saeed




Sun, 05/18/1969 (All day)

About Me

Throughout my working career as a social mentor and martial artists, I would describe myself to be a unique asset to society. I always thrive within my respective industry to help bridge gaps with a diverse background of individuals to reach their potential and usually exceed my projected goals and objectives. Over a period of over twenty years I have successfully cultivated, polished and applied several skills and expertise to coach and mentor prospective students. One of my life values and challenges is to constantly develop and excel in my martial arts training which demands traits such as self-discipline, a healthier mind and body and increasing the human potential, which I will bring to my line of work.

Current City



Manchester UK


DoorSupervisor and Close Protection Officer


Keep continuing my knowledge of skills, abilities and experiences in martial arts and new projects such as self defence in hand guns, knifes and attackers and be able to share them with every body that has similar awareness of self development to better one self from a professional and positive outcome to all.


My interests are sports based and I have achieved coaching awards in numerous sporting courses starting from leaders, teachers, coach and senior level. How ever my dedicated sport is in Karate and various martial arts weapons such as Nunchaku, Bo,Jo, tonfa and reality based self defense. I have obtain my instructor level to 6th Dan in full contact karate and I have also completed the London Marathon twice. My hobbies are reading, listening to music and meeting my past and current associates and enjoy drawing of landscapes, buildings and history of art.