Keith Singleton

Keith Singleton



About Me

Born and raised in Ohio, married my high school sweetheart (25 yrs now) and have two beautiful daughters. I started my law enforcement career early (18) while working in corporate security. Over the next several years I advanced and learned. I left active LE in 2000 to develop a a data sharing technology for agencies (prior to 9-11). I sold that business in 2007 and now work as business development director for another public safety software company. I keep active by donating time to a search an rescue group (including field ops).

Current City

Sunbury, OH


Sunbury, OH


Business Development Director, SAR volunteer


Be a good father and husband. Mentor and increase the number of men in faith (you don't have to be a wimp to worship). Music - I enjoy playing drums (for the past 30 years) and strive to increase my skill. Striving to keep a level of fitness in my elder years so that I am not a liability to others. Continue to learn.....every single day. Enjoy what I do regardless of compensation or prestige.


Columbus Police Officer (former), Winner The Ohio State Business Plan Competition, Ohio Senate commendation, Outstanding Startup Business - Ohio Technology Council, Finalist - Defend America Challenge (Homeland Security Competition) - National IACP Conference - guest speaker / presentor, First private company in Ohio to acquire NCIC access (ORI# assignment) for serving LE and most importantly.... I have received the most prestigious rewards from my two daughters in the form of hugs and kisses over the years. All of which have empowered and energized my abilities and stamina to keep achieving.


I enjoy shooting, hiking and minimalist survival activities. I also enjoy: traditional bow hunting, bushcraft, tactical knife collecting, playing drums, and too many other activities to mention here... I am dedicated to my faith and firmly believe that serving others is a privilege.

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