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Mitch Boudrot



About Me

Researching, development, application & instruction of tactical concepts to include situational awareness, perception & reality, visualization/mindset and reality-based training (RBT) / simulation, decreasing the reactionary gap to improve Operator survivability/ability to prevail during/after threat confrontations, Brain Based Learning / P-300 Brainwave (Event Related Potential), myelination and studies related to Fight, Flight, Freeze, Faint or Fatal (F5) responses to threat stimuli, integrating world martial/combat systems and related philosophical schools of thought, hoplology, studying the history, science & art of conjuring/legerdemain (“mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur”), the principles of illusion and misdirection, and their application within warfare, psychology and human interaction, the evolution and practical application of crypsis and camouflage, the development and advancement of disguise, surreptitious & covert action technologies, methodical inquiry & research based upon critical thinking, analysis of evidence, logic, the application of the scientific method, skepticism & Occam’s razor (lex parsimoniae), an appreciation for the love of my Wife, of the mysterious, of fine, hand-rolled cigars, strong coffee, rational thought & spirited conversation, intelligence, bringing order to chaos, good conquering evil within the world, beauty, freedom & responsibility, self-governance, the restoration of honor, the wonder of creation, the advancement of knowledge & wisdom, understanding what a life well lived is all about, writing the autobiographical book of life a page at a time... a day at a time.

Current City

Murphy, North Carolina


Tampa, Florida


Tactical Operations/Law Enforcement Instructor, Tactical Operator/Operations Commander (OPCOM), Law Enforcement Training Coordinator


Increasing my capacity for appreciating the time that has been provided to me during this life and spending it wisely with those I cherish and love.

Contribute to the victory and survivability of law enforcement/tactical operators during threat confrontations through the progressive & comprehensive development and delivery of training programs.

Remain a lifelong student of the warrior arts.

Continue to prepare the ultimate weapon... the mind - through meaningful, cumulative experience, effective training and collaborative networking.

Write & publish.

Schedule and host Richard "Mack" Machowicz, within Western North Carolina, on the subject of Leadership & the principles behind Unleash The Warrior Within and Not Dead Can't Quit to law enforcement special operations/tactical teams.


Saint Mary's Community College, Winona, Minnesota - Philosophy/Theology

State of Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) - Trooper, Field Training Officer (FTO), SRT / Mobile Field Force, Field Operations / Academy Instructor, Troop-C Training Coordinator

National Tactical Officer's Association (NTOA)

Florida SWAT Association (FSA)

The American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET)

The International Law Enforcement Educator's & Trainers Association (ILEETA)

International Tactical Officer's Training Association (ITOTA)

Town of Murphy (NC) Police Department (MPD) - Patrol Officer, Instructor, Field Training Officer (FTO), Sergeant, SERT Operator/Assistant Team Leader

Cherokee County (NC) Sheriff's Office (CCSO) / Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT) - Deputy Sheriff, Investigator, Instructor, Field Training Officer (FTO), Corporal, K-9 Trainer/Handler, SERT Operator / Sniper, SERT Team Leader, SERT Operations Commander (OPCOM)

Ventosa Kennels - Police Canine (K9) Handler/Trainer (Tracking/Trailing Certification)

Blackwater Alumni Association

North Carolina Tactical Officer's Association (NCTOA)

Archangel Tactical Operations Group (A-TOG)

North Carolina Law Enforcement Training Association (NCTOA)

Southwestern Community College (SCC) Jerry Sutton Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) - Law Enforcement Training Coordinator/Instructor

Police Survival Defense Instutute (PSDI) National Training Center - Associate Member 

South Eastern SWAT Association (SESA)

Georgia Tactical Officers Association (GTOA)

International Hoplology Society (IHS)


All the above... and more. Favorite Quotations: "We do not rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training." - Archilochus, Greek Soldier & Poet, C. 650 BC, "Chance favors the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur, "Adaptability is the law which governs survival in war, as in life." - Sir Basil Liddel-Hart, "Sapere aude! (Dare to know), "Ancora imparo" - (I am still learning), "Subsisto in punga!" (Stay in the Fight!), "Non solus" (Not alone), Not Dead... Can't Quit (NDCQ)!