Fronz Batot



About Me

My name is Fronz (my real name). In 2004, I read Mac's book "Unleash the Warrior Within", and I was extremely impressed with Mac's philosophy. I remember thinking to myself " What a novel idea... figure out what's broken in your life, then fix it!!" I followed Mac's methodology was able to make profound changes in my life. Over the years I have also had the privilege of attending the Bukido institute's FIST training twice, and found the training extremely valuable.

As far as my professional life, I work at at IBM, and I enjoy all areas of technology from engineering to project management. In my spare time I enjoy traveling with my beautiful wife, as well as reading motivational books. I also have a passion for horror and action films.

Current City

Austin, Tx


Don Shipley's "Extreme SEAL Experience" training.
Travel to Machu Picchu
Be a Dad


BBA from St. Mary's University.
MBA from Texas State Univ.
PMP (Certified Project Manager)
Shodan (first degree black belt) in Judo & Jiu Jitsu
Graduate of Bukido Institute "FIST" training program...twice.
Traveled to Nepal, Tibet, China, Turkey, Greece, South Africa, England, Scotland, Turkey...and then some.


Traveling the world with my beautiful wife.