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Wed, 08/11/1971 (All day)

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About fourteen months ago I brought my much longed for daughter into this world it was to be a life changing moment. As beautiful and welcome as she is Ella was born with serious but ultimately resolvable health issues. Coping with this has led me to assess all aspects of my life and I have discovered a person I barely know. If my inner critic were to be believed then I am a lazy, procrastinating underachiever who crumbles at the first hint of stress. Not great I thought but now having "cast a cold eye" over my life not only did I survive my rather precarious beginning but I have excelled inspite of it. I have so far attained a University degree, climbed the career ladder, met and married my soulmate, helped him realise his dream of owning a farm in rural Ireland and given the best life I can to our four children. As I am now 40 I decided this is a good time to name and claim the personal goals I have been putting off for various reasons so I have quit my hateful job and am loving the life I now have.

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Wife and Mother


learn to run, raise money for Temple Street Children's Hospital, write and get published


Bsc (hons) Pharm, farmer's wife , mother of four young energetic children, had three articles published,


Art, Crafts, Homemaking, Self Sufficiency, Parenting, self Improvement, Psychology and writing

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