Nick Montgomery




Tue, 03/08/1955 (All day)

About Me

i am 56 years young and i like working out at gym i also compete in powerlifting in the 100% Raw powerlifting federation all natural never took drugs its me against the bar working on competing in the world competition this year have state records for new jersey in my age and weight class for bench press and strict curl and deadlift going after deadlift record in nov 2012

Current City

Franklinville New Jersey 08322


born in Philly


lost job last year dec 10 2010 have a small health and wellness business


World Record for Deadlift Raw masters 55-60 198# class also moving to South Carolina and gain employment in the Fitness Field to help others


State Records for deadlift and bench press and strict curl also having 5 children and 2 foster children
was 247lbs had type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure other health issues lost 47lbs in 10 months and no longer take any meds


Weight Training and fitness and nutrition health and wellness cooking and also reading