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Bill Montgomery



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I am very interested in mental toughness. I learned about this site from a member of Mark Devine's "Unbeatable Mind" course. Typically I wouldn't share very personal information as I would be concerned about a potential employer or others finding it by using Google. However, it looks like you would have to be a member to even see it. I would be concerned if an employer could easily find my age so I will leave the birthday blank. They can probably find it now anyway.

I will say I am currently working through adversity so all this helps.

Current City

Bothell, WA


Seattle, WA




Job (yeah I know that means Just Over Broke), Eliminate Debt, Drop another 10 pounds, Bullet Proof Mind.


Brown Belt in Combat Judo, Yellow in Wing Chung, finished 3 Marathons (best time 3:38), Private Pilot's License, Guitar Player, number one Sales person in Seattle for two Fortune 1000 companies and lots of other sales awards including Rookie of the Year at Software Company, Team Player Award, etc. Toastmasters CTM, and last (probably least) Tony Robbins Mastery University graduate (that just means I spent a lot of money to go to all his very expensive seminars). Oh, and I graduated from the University of Washington.


Read, hike (7 months a year - one mountain every weekend) and I am always looking for a hiking partner that doesn't mind hitting the trail head at 4:30 AM, workout (2-3 hours a day), practice guitar, enjoy learning about national issues as well as issues of foreign policy, "Self Help" junkie, huge fan of everything about the Navy Seals.

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