Semper Fidelis!

Mark Krug




Thu, 09/23/1971 (All day)

About Me

Most of my career I've spent in the rear guard, almost like I don't measure up. I have ability, I have training, but I lack total confidence. Ninety percent of success comes from a positive attitude and confidence. In 1992, my platoon commander at OCS told me I didn't realize it yet, but I could be dangerous. Since he was Forced Recon, I believed him. I'm still trying to find that realization. No skill set is going to make this happen till I get my mind right! . .

Current City

Champaign, IL


Champaign, IL


Police Training Coordinator


1. Figure out why I don't have total confidence in my knowledge, training, and experience. 2. Gain that total confidence in my knowledge, training, and experience. 3. Continue to develop all four equally like they are the legs of a table. 4. Use these in service to others.




Running / Swimming. . . Weight Lifting. . . Boxing / Martial Arts. . . Rifle / Pistol Shooting. . . Wilderness Survival. . . EVOC. . . Military History. . . my Motorcycle. . . and Coffee. . .