Three Service Veteran

Gary Adelhardt




Tue, 09/30/1969 (All day)

About Me

Grew up in Baltimore,MD. Joined USMC in 1987 and served in the intelligence field until 1995. After 9/11 rejoined as a Master-At-Arms in the navy (was too old to get back into USMC) until 2006. Joined New Mexico Army National Guard as an MP and am still in. Have served all over the world and have participated in combat actions in the Philippines (coup attempt of 1989), Operations Desert Shield/Storm as well as Enduring Freedom. Have been to Korean DMZ twice and was a guard at Guantanamo Bay for a year. Have also participated in border patrol actions along our Mexican border as well as fighting forest fires in New Mexico. Current health issues are forcing a medical discharge from the NM Army National Guard.

Current City

Albuquerque, NM


Baltimore, MD


MP, New Mexico Army National Guard


Even though diabetes and a reduced pancreas and intestinal tract (complications of infection and subsequent surgeries) has forced me from active service, I intend to try and continue serving our nation and troops after recuperating from my medical issues. The military has been my whole adult life and I know the sacrifices those young men and women make every day for us and our way of life. I will get my health back and help them any way I can.


Served in three branches of service. Have survived one coup, two wars (actively deployed and involved in both) and one detainee riot at GTMO (where I was shanked with a homemade knife). Was part of General Krulak's suitcase staff during Desert Shield. I joined the Marines when Reagan was in office and am still serving. I still believe that Reagan has been the finest commander in chief in recent history.


I currently collect antique military firearms from WW2 to present. I love all things militaria and am fascinated by military history and how armed conflicts, and the threat of armed conflict, has shaped history and policies and borders around the globe.

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