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Robert Reynoso




Fri, 01/09/1976 (All day)

About Me

Former Marine. Served honorably for 4 years with the Infantry and Comabat Engineers. Currently a Paramedic intern. I made the decision 2 years ago to change my life, career fields and become a Paramedic. The career I was in has completley cahnged in the past few years due to this economy. I went from making a decent wage every year to not knowing if I'll get back to work. I know there's alot of people out there with the same story. So at the age of 33 I decided to take a huge leap of faith and completley change my life, careers and future opportunities. I'm now at the tail end of my medic school training. So now after almost two years of non stop schooling, testing, certs., countless hours of studying, preperation and MANY thousands of dollars invested I'm almost done. I'm in the midst of taking the next step to finding work in the EMS field after my schooling is done. I've even entertained possible job opportunities overseas working for civilian contractors as a Medic.

I love Macks philosophy of, " I can only be beat in two ways".

And I will not quit.

Current City



Northern Ca


Paramedic Student


1) Getting onto the career field I've been traing for for the past 18 months.
2)Finishing the last few months of my paramedic training.
3)Maximizing my finances and spending
4)Whipping my butt back into shape.


Serving our country as a US Marine
Medic School
Being a great son to my parents


Working on my house. There is nothing I cant repair, redo, or fix on my home. Yardwork. Taking my dogs out on hikes.