You never know until you try!




About Me

I am a second-time college freshman, but I am working on my fourth career. lol I have to literally try things out that interest me, I can't just think about different things and make a choice - I must test them out to see if they work in my life. So far four things haven't - but now I have the ultimate knowledge of what does not work for me, and what I do not want. That made my next step a lot easier, and seemed to shine the light on right where I needed to be. So that's where I am now - in school, pursuing the very beginnings of a geologic degree.

I read Unleash The Warrior Within a few years ago, and it put me on the track to where I am today. *thumbs up* But I want to be more focused, accomplish even more, get even more out of life. I think I can do it. =)

Current City

Longmont, CO




1. Complete school!
2. Become a member of The National Honor Society.
3. Find work during school.
4. Get my health in order.
5. Work on strengthening my spirituality.
6. Learn a martial art.
7. Be successful in my eventual geologic career field.


Many and varied. lol ;^)
- Associates Degree - Music & Video Business
- Worked in music industry, however briefly.
- Achieved management in retail, helped open new locations.
- Learned accounting, sans school or formal training.
- Worked as a Payroll Administrator for many years.
- Has several short stories published.
- Had small business for several years, sewing original pieces, plus repair and alterations.
- Returned to school - no small feat!


Textile arts - sewing, crochet, hand-embroidery, macrame, braiding, designing hats & bags. Making jewelry - from pieces & parts, not from scratch. Reading & writing. Walking, hiking, rollerskating. Goofing off on the computer. Watching Mack. Studying. =)