The 2nd chance


My summer
I have tried to join one of the best leadership school in Norway, Befalskolen or if i transelate Sergantschool, where i didn't make it. The recuit lasted for 3 weeks, where the last one was out in the wild. It was allmost like "Hells Week" only abit "easier" because there was more leaderships tests and we could actually sleep 2 hours a day, still it was hard. 
The good thing that i can take out of this experience was that i never gave up. I made it thought until the end, but i wasn't good enough for the competition. It started with 1700 people that applied, where 450 of them entered "Hells Week" and 250 made it, i was one of them. But there was only room for 190 people, where i wasn't one of them, i wasn't good enough.
There is one thing i have learned in life. It doesn't matter how hard you hit, it matters how many times you can get up, because we all will fall one day, life hits hard. So i still have another chance. I have also applied for the Norwegian Special Forces that i will try my best to accomplish in a few days. It is more like the "Hells Week" discribed in the book. There isn't many people out there that think i can do it, i barly think it myself. Since im to weak, to small etc. But the thing i do know, is that i will never give up. Even if i make it or not, I will do MY best until my body shuts down.
So if there is anyone out there that will help me to get more insperation to make this, i would really appricate it!
Thank you

Lars Dean