An amazing Story From A Very Strong Mom Mack Crossed Paths With Recently

Wanna share some HOPEISM today for anyone who like me, has been going through some 'stuff' for quite a while and who thinks it will never end. You all are very aware that I have a son who is significantly affected by autism & severely affected by all kinds of seizures, along with leaky gut issues to boot. Our latest seizure cycle began in August 2010 where there was never more than a week without seizures, and where multiple seizures daily was the norm. ER's, Ambulances, stitches & staples was our life. Not being able to be out of arm's reach from him was our daily dance. There were days we thought that cycle would never end. Seizures where we thought out son would surely die. A seizure where he about did when he didn't start breathing again. With all of that there was Murphy's Law in anything that could go wrong, going wrong. Washing Machine from hell, customer service from hell, and etc. Add to that, our son who has never been away from home more than a week, going to Boot Camp where we couldn't even communicate with him for weeks! It's been a crazy ride lately and what has seen us through has been the prayers of all of you here, our family, and church family, Graceview Baptist Church those who prayed for our son each Wednesday night, and our faith and most importantly our God that got us through. It was the mentality learned from having to be a Warrior Mom. Many think that means we're "bad-ass" and rogue. But to me it simply means that I've had to learn to conquer my fears and embrace my faith by daily choosing happy. By daily living joyfully. By daily fighting the enemy to do that. Satan attacks at every front when you decide to live in victory and not defeat. Fighting that daily battle is what makes me a warrior mom. Fighting my son's autism makes me even more a warrior mom. I get my strength to do that from God and from surrounding myself with positive people who NEVER QUIT. I love Richard Mack Machowicz and his motto of: "Not Dead Can't Quit" (NDCQ) As long as I'm living and breathing, I will Choose Happy, Live Joyfully, Follow Christ, and Wear Camo! As long as I'm living and breathing I will NEVER QUIT. And when you decide to engage in that life battle and never allow the enemy to defeat you mentally, right after the darkest hour of the night you will see that dawn as we have. It's now over a month since Brandon had his last seizure of any kind. I have a new washing machine that the manufacturer finally exchanged for me. I have seen my son for a whole weekend back at home, and not only that, but I have gained a new daughter and a new family in the Conner's. I don't share this with you as someone who's never seen anything but a season of joy so you can roll your eyes and think "yeah right." But rather as someone who has had frequent flyer miles from traveling to hell and back. And those are the testimonies that count. When you need directions on how to get out of hell, you want them to be from someone who's actually been there. And as that person, I can tell you that just when you think you will never leave, you do. And for however long this joy lasts, I'll take it and be so very thankful for it.