On the Darkest Day I am Called to Duty

"Anytime Day or Night, I will be on scene within the hour". 

I am a deputy sheriff assigned to the Crash Reconstruction Unit.  To date I have investigated or assisted in the investigation of over 110 fatal motor vehicle crashes.  My youngest victim is 2, my oldest is 88.  Most of my victims are less than 25-years-old.  Each case is tragic, heartbreaking and leaves devastating grief for everyone who is involved.

I am required to record a fatal crash scene with measurements and photographs. I collect evidence  and inspect vehicles.   I have had the unpleasant task or removing deceased victims from the vehicles. My duties include attending autopsies.   I calculate vehicle speeds to render a conclusion of the crash. I present the facts of the case to the prosecutors office for review.

I am required to notify the victim's families about their loved ones death.  I am the one who knocks at the door, uninvited to deliver life altering, bad news.  The worst thing that was ever said to me was "you will be in my nightmares forever".

"A life time of dreams and plans can be altered between 100-500 milliseconds".  "A blink of an eye".

Be alert, Wear your Seat Belt and NEVER get behind the wheel with ANYONE who has been Drinking or who is Under the Influence.

My images are indescribable

Stress is overwhelming at times, but I am trained to keep moving forward.  No amount of stress with stop me from moving forward and completing my task as a professional.

Please be safe behind the wheel.  Hug and Kiss your loved ones EVERYTIME they walk out the door.



Robert Batzloff