Dont let the hard times control your life! NDCQ!

Last year i wanted to change my life. I began training without wasting anytime! I couldn't even run a lap around a track without being winded. I did not let it get to me i continued to push myself. When school started up i was a junior. In previous years i made myself to be the one who was going no were. Now i am asked by teachers frequently about colleges Im looking at. My grades are outstanding compared to last year. Teachers say i am the model student. Big burden right? They also said earlier this year i had a 7th or 8th grade reading level, now Im reading lone survivor and many other books to prove to them i can do it! And physically now well i lost 35 lbs, gained some back but mostly muscle and i can run 5 miles if its in my workout. Ive biked 20 miles, first time i ever went on a bike ride. I look forward to doing a 60 mile bike race to cure cancer. I also plan on competing in a half marathon. If you put your mind to something, the possibility are endless. Not Dead Cant Quit!