If this kid can do it anyone can!

I have an adopted son who was abused neglected and placed in the foster care system at age 2 and again at 5. He has an IQ of 75, and at 12 developed a full blown mental illness with psychotic symptoms. He went through psych hospitalizations, residential treatment programs and group homes. He was seperated from the family he loved and who loved him and felt completely abandoned. Yet now, at 20, he is a working, fully integrated, stable, and functioning adult with a full life. He has friends, girlfriends, a job and is generally happy. I have thought about the kind of sheer will power it takes to go through all that and not just give up and end up locked up somewhere. Yes, he had a lot of support along the path, but I promise you it could never be enough to accomplish all this without a no surrender attitude. To this day he is constantly working to be more independant and become the best he can be. How can those of us with so much more raw potential and capability complain? If this kid could succeed against such odds, I am convinced anyone can. He is my hero.