Making a Connection

A lot of the guys I grew up with and knew during my twenties chose a different path to me. A majority of the lads I spent time with ended up drinking too much, doing drugs, fighting with the police and being locked up in prison. For a while I was in that world too, but luckily life sent me a Guardian Angel in the form of my beautiful wife. As I moved away from this time in my life I found I was quite lonely; I couldn't socialize and spend too much time with my old friends without having to become someone I wasn't anymore.

Over the next few years I literally had no social life and found it hard to speak to people, so I spent a lot of time on my own or with my wife. At a train station one day I randomly started talking to this guy, found out we had a lot in common, and within a month had become good friends. This made me curious how many people were in my life without even noticing them, so I started making a conscious effort to say 'hello' to people I recognised on the train, who lived in my area or people in coffee shops. It surprised me how many people looked at me like I was nuts, but the people who returned my 'hello' soon became part of this ever growing network of people that have in some way enriched my life just as in other ways I have enriched theirs. I met a guy who turned out to be a financial advisor around about the time me and my wife were looking to move house, another guy was looking to improve his business website and I had advice to give him as I'd owned my own website design company in the past. One guy ended up asking me to be Godfather to his child and came to my wedding, another leant me a book called 'Unleash The Warrior Within' by some guy called Mack! 

Now I make a conscious effort to say 'hello' to three people I don't know every day or spend five minutes a day contacting someone I haven't spoken to for a while (usually on Facebook). I've found that the more people you come into contact with, the more opportunities seem to appear, the more confident, secure and happy you feel, and the more you are able to have an impact upon someone who may have been too shy to say 'hello' to you first.