My Inspiration

Dear Richard,

I wanted you to know that I work in the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics. We have worked with so many soldiers from not only the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also with some amazing soldiers whose service goes back to WWII. They have absolutely changed my life for the better! They are the most hopeful, inspiring and amazing patients I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Even with their loss of limbs, they continue to work hard and push themselves everyday and all with a smile on their face. It has truly brought me to tears more than once.

At first I used to get angry for them, with all they have sacrificed for us. I thought it wasn't fair, I thought it was tragic what happened to them. Watching them struggle, knowing what they go through physically and mentally once they start the process into a new Prosthetic, you would think it would burden the soul. But their amazing spirit has made me see that they would do it again and again because they love their country that much and would fight for all of our freedoms no matter the cost. Those soldiers have changed me for the better! They are some of the most gentle and absolutely happiest people I have ever met. How can someone NOT be inspired by them?

We have even treated a little boy from Iraq who lost both his legs to a land mine explosion. Tragic stuff, and you would think he would also be just as hopeless and in despair. But he is the happiest little boy with the most beautiful smile.

I am truly blessed to be touched by these people every day. They inspire me, they help me dream big and they show me how blessed I am in this country they fight for.

I'm not sure why I felt compelled to write you, I'm a little embarrassed that I did. But I felt the need to say it and say it to you. I have browsed your NDCQ website and maybe that correlates somehow into the way our patients think? I know they have inspired me to pursue a career in Prosthetics, a field that is dominated by men and very hard to get into as a female. But I feel the need to give back and maybe this is the best way I can do it. I am training with some of the best Prosthetists in the country and learning everyday, not only from my colleagues but the patients themselves.

The soldiers are truly inspiring and so are you! Thank you for giving us hope, thank you for giving us the possibilities and thank you for fighting for our freedoms. You are truly gifted!


Jessica Margaret Rhodes