One Hard Year

The year is 2012. I was working at a manufacturing plant in Lynchburg, Va. I had been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic just two years before. In January, the 1st to be exact, my wife and I had been expecting for a couple of months and we have a miscarriage of twins. As the year rolls on we recover from that and I have a  heart attack in May. A heart attack that was medicinally induced. I made it through and recovered again. On August 7th, I go to the emergency room where I would discover I had hours or even minutes to live. The doctor told be I had a ruptured lower intestine and the poison was seeping into my abdomen. They performed an emergency surgery where I would then spend four days in ICU and a total of 12 days in the hospital. I was forced to wear an ileostomy bag for six weeks which seemed so un-natural to me. I then had to go back to the hospital for a reversal. The good Lord kept me here for a reason, and I intend on using my second chance to help others with the same problem I had. I drowned my fears, worries, and pains in excessive eating. It almost killed me. But I am not dead, so I can't quit just yet.