Rebuilding and changing targets

I am a former Marine Helicopter pilot, veteran of the Gulf War and the Bosnia No-Fly Zone-87-94 active. I got out of the Corps and had a nice life going as a pharma rep. I was running marathons, learning martial arts, and most of all, enjoying my family when I came down with MRSA, Endocarditis, Severe Sepsis and a few other things at the same time last summer. I nearly died on August 8th. Well, I didn't.... Life is different for me now as I have lost most of my hearing and balance as a result of the illness. I've seen more doctors than I can count. I am rebuilding.
I have a first edition of "Mack's" book and had already been reading it when the illness came. I am re-defining my targets and this work on "Unleashing The Warrior Within" is no small part of it! Thank you for the inspiration.