Something to be thankful for...

A few months ago I found myself in a bit of a rut. It felt like life had slowed down; like I was wading through mud waist deep and everything was becoming frustrating. Work was beginning to take over my life and all the things that I really enjoy about the job started fading and being replaced with all the office politics and meaningless paperwork. I felt like nothing was making me happy. After browsing online I came across an article about gratitude.

In this article it explained that every day we have loads of things to be grateful for, it's just we forget to see it. The little things are always the most important, but also the first to be overlooked when times are tough. I decided to start a Gratitude Journal and every day I would write down every time something good happened. Some days were obviously easier than others, but after a week I realized that I was feeling loads better. Instead of focusing on the things that made me unhappy and frustrated, I began focusing and taking notice of the things that made me happy. The happier I got the more positive my outlook and the more motivated I became. All the other stuff was still there but it had once again faded into the background amongst all the many amazing things that were happening around me everyday.

I absolutely refuse to give up on my dreams and my chosen path and no matter how many frustrating obstacles come my way, they pale in comparison with all the gifts, blessings and good fortune that life brings me as well.