Sometimes you gotta go through the mud.

I was on a medical relief team in Honduras back in the 80's working with Nicaraguan refugees along the river out on the mesquito coast, very aptly named!! The team was about 7 people, all guys but me. They were all former military of some sort and now EMTS and paramedics or Nurses. We came accross this vast mud field we had to cross to reach our destination. The guys, who all had experience in this kind of stuff took off and basically left me to follow their tracks. Before long I am alone struggling through mud up to my knees. Its exhausting work. I stopped and thought I cannot do this, it is physically impossible for me. I go further grumbling and becoming more cranky by the minute. Suddenly I realized I had no choice here. I coudn"t go back, the only way was forward, and like it or not, I AM going through the mud. And I had a choice: go through the mud angry, frustrated and cranky, or with a good attitude making the best of it I could. Either way I am going through the mud. So I chose to dump the cranky and try to enjoy myself. There isnt a soul in sight. I am laughing at myself falling over in the stuff, and then trying to find my boot which had been sucked off my foot. Not long after a honduran doctor working with us realized I had been masterfully left behind. He came back, linked his arm in mine and said "Let me show you how to walk in the mud!" and he did. We finished the hike to the village arm in arm and laughing our butts of at silly jokes and singing crazy songs. By the time we reached the others they were laid back in the hoochs resting and eating and they laughed their asses off at me because I was covered in mud literally head to toe. I really didn't care because I had accomplished something I thought I could not do. It was a valuable life lesson. There are always times in life when you have no choice but to go through the painful and difficult stuff. I learned to put my head down, take one step at a time, keep moving forward and dont quit. Sooner or later the scenery will change. And like going through the mud, its a lot easier if you do it with a good attitude.