Words of Defeat


I’ll never, I won’t, I can’t and I quit are such a powerful statements that immediately alters your destiny when used before we start any situation we face.


Soon I’ll never turns into I won’tI won’t becomes I can’t and when you put them all together.   I quit!!!!


We have all heard or said these statements.   I’ll never get out of debt, I’ll never be happy,  I’ll never get better,  I’ll never find someone.  This list is too long to write.  When our defeats or disappointments are spelled out before we act on them they will remain defeats and disappointments.


As I’ll never turn into I won’t, standing with are arms folded, we close the door on opportunity. We have trained ourselves that we cannot get out of a difficult situation and refuse to make the necessary adjustments or the attempt to unlock the doors.


Soon I won’t becomes I can’t.  Why even try?  Why bother?  Why should we even get out of bed?  Using I can’t, slams the door on the future.  Now you have questioned your ability and we have finally given up on our dreams.


Before we allow these negative statements enter our minds and broadcast them to anyone who will listen, give I will, I can and I’ll try a chance.  You may be surprised on the positive energy we release on words projecting a winning attitude for anything we strive for.