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Richard Machowicz knows first hand that life can be a lot like war. A ten-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, he was trained to complete whatever mission was handed to him, under any condition, because failure was not an option. Now, in Unleash the Warrior Within, Machowicz takes the winning attitude and mental skills he mastered in service and shows readers how to use combat mentality to reach their goals in everyday life. Using his seven principles of combat—which include Create an Action Mind-Set, The Critical Keys to Conquering Anything, and Guarantee the Win—Machowicz shows readers how to master the arts of focus, discipline, and determination under any circumstances, giving them the tools they need to conquer fear and turn their ambitions and dreams into reality.

The New York Daily News Book Review of Unleash The Warrior Within

 “Love is war. Jobs are war. Life is war. But for former Navy SEAL Richard J. Machowicz (who clearly put the “Macho” in his name), a battle makes you focus, and focus helps you succeed. With go-get-’em chapter titles such as “Crush the Enemy Called Fear” and “Master Your Weapons,” Machowicz takes you into the trenches of your passive mindset and pulls you out a self-assertive warrior. He, too, chooses seven main principles to guide you, but his derive from his own philosophy of combat. Unlike with Williams, these seven categories are not life spheres to explore, but instead attitudes to adopt to get what you want (e.g. “Create An Action Mindset” and “Never Grow Complacent”). Machowicz’ detailed descriptions of his own experience as a SEAL – shooting from his first bipod, suffering hypothermia during “Hell Week” – are themselves worth the read.”

Dallas Morning News Book Review of Unleash The Warrior Within

 “This only looks like a martial-arts book. As a Navy SEAL, Mr. Machowicz spent most of his time developing a winning attitude. So don’t come looking for reminiscences about the glories of combat. Most flashbacks go to the agony of conditioning – mental and physical. “Being a warrior is not about the act of fighting,” he writes. “It’s about being so prepared to face a challenge and believing so strongly in a cause that you are fighting for that you refuse to quit.” Obviously, this view has wide application in civilian life. So after 10 years with the Navy’s special operations unit, Mr. Machowicz devised a self-protection system he calls Bukido®. As refined for the book, it is primarily mental exercises (with lots of notebook writing) that build self-confidence, motivation and determination. He teaches by numbers and acronyms, including three “dynamic elements of combat” that count in the conference room as well as behind the lines; four “critical keys to conquering anything” with the acronym ACTE (Assess the situation, Create a simple plan, Take action and Evaluate your progress). Two fears that you won’t have to face here: no war loving flights of excess (Mr. Machowicz’s pals call him Mack not Macho) and no wandering into philosophical Neverneverland: SEALs know how to stay on the point.”

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