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Praise For Unleash The Warrior Within:



- Dr. Phil


"The most important book I have read in a long time. Richard Machowicz gives the tools necessary to ensure that you win the battle of life."
- Jim Rome, Host of Premiere Radio Networks - The Jim Rome Show and ESPNs - Jim Rome is Burning


"Navy Seals are arguably the most dedicated team that exists in our country. They are the epitome of “Team Player”. Mack’s story will awaken the inner teachings of teamwork and sacrifice in any setting. His delivery will have his audience on the edge of their seats and anxious for more.”
- Marvin Lewis, Head Coach Cincinnati Bengals and 2009 NFL Coach Of The Year“


"UNLEASH THE WARRIOR WITHIN is incredibly practical. What do you do in the face of fear? You pick a target and GO! Whether it's in combat, business, or relationships, it really is that simple. We tend to make it very complicated. Richard Machowicz understands that, and helps you make it simple again."
- HANK AZARIA, Actor/Writer/Director


“Unleash the Warrior Within has, and will continue to have, a lasting impact… Richard’s words echo in my head.”
- Tom Deters, former editor-in-chief of Muscle and Fitness Magazine


"Unleash the Warrior Within draws on Richard’s SEAL experiences to set forth a program for achieving success in any area of life. Warfare is simply a metaphor for any problem that needs to be confronted and resolved, and the principles he sets forth are applicable not only to war, but to anything from relationships to climbing the corporate ladder. The book is highly condensed and continues to yield new insights with multiple readings.”
- Frank Troy, PhD, retired professor


"It is no exaggeration to say that this single book is devastatingly powerful in its insights and has genuine potential to revolutionize the shape of the reader’s thinking. In fact, it has provided me with more practical tools for personal achievement than a dozen other more famous books in the genre."
- http://top10-self-help-books.com/


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