Not Dead Can’t Quit may sound intense but going after a big dream and making it a reality is not going to be easy. Whether your ambition is to write a book, be a professional athlete, be the highest grossing salesperson in your organization, or to give everything you’ve got to being the very best parent you can be, NDCQ.com is here to serve you and remind you of just how amazingly capable you actually are! 

To truly perform in the big game called life you must have a clearly defined purpose harnessed through focused intensity that is balanced by incredible flexibility and fused together with an indomitable spirit that will not quit until the game is complete. There is no safe, timid and easy way to make meaningful challenging dreams come true. You will have to overcome doubt, second-guessing, adversity, hesitation, the unknown, stress, pressure, fatigue, pain and fear to bring your big ambition into reality.

NDCQ.com is here to serve you and to create a community of like minded individuals that come together as a team and support each other!

NDCQ & You, is all about the community of US! We are all the stars of this community and your shared voices, videos, photos and stories keep all of us fired up, moving forward and striving to make the very most out of this amazing gift that is our lives! Please join and share with us all today!