"My goal is to take my story along with every other brave soul's story on the planet and use it to help others and show them that bad things do sometimes happen - but we have to accept that the sun is still going to rise and set that next day and figure out how to press on no matter what."


Life's Tough, Be Tougher.


What is the NDCQ Brand

"You are responsible for how you live your life. Discover who you are through with the NDCQ message of courage and commitment to being your best. Transformations are a gift. Repeat Not Dead Can't Quit as a daily reminder to never quit."

Jody Cornelius


What is the Not Dead Can't Quit message


NDCQ Nation Ambassadors

Derek Johnson Story

Derek Johnson Story

"My daily ritual is saying a short prayer, reading some scripture or positive affirmations while drinking water to get hydrated and taking my pro...

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Touzong Yang Story

Touzong Yang Story

"Every morning I remind myself of the blessings I still have. This helps me let go of the things that may trouble my heart from time to time. Thi...

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Jason Kephart Story

Jason Kephart Story

"I sit on the edge of my bed and focus on my goals for the day. I make a plan of attack on how I am going to get my goals accomplished. I us...

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